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ELH Diet: Permanent Weight Loss With A Healthy Diet Plan

Finally, there’s a healthy weight loss diet people can stick to! The ELH Diet is the easy way to lose weight quickly and keep it off permanently without crash dieting or unhealthy weight loss supplements.

85 percent of dieters regain lost weight within one year because it’s not possible to stick with the diets that are offered in most weight loss books. Crash dieting or taking weight loss supplements are temporary solutions that set you up for failure down the road.

The ELH Diet works and it’s…

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The Elh Diet

Pub Date : 2015-07-21 | Author : Robert Lalonde | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 0994075405
ISBN 13 : 9780994075406

Did you know that 85 percent of diets fail in less than one year? People around the world keep trying the same popular diets and expect to get different results even though there's..

Why Diets Fail Because You Re Addicted To Sugar

Pub Date : 2013 | Author : Nicole M. Avena | Publisher :

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The first science-based program to cut out the sugar, this groundbreaking eating plan for going sugar-free helps dieters stick to the plan while going through the make-or-break wit..

Smart People Don T Diet

Pub Date : 2015-02-11 | Author : Charlotte N. Markey | Publisher : ReadHowYouWant.com

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ISBN 13 : 1458798747

Being on a diet is a miserable experience for most people, and it rarely leads to the desired goal of shedding fat. In fact, studies show that dieters often gain weight rather than..

What To Eat

Pub Date : 2010-04-01 | Author : Marion Nestle | Publisher : North Point Press

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Since its publication in hardcover last year, Marion Nestle's What to Eat has become the definitive guide to making healthy and informed choices about food. Praised as "radiant wit..

Lose Weight By Eating

Pub Date : 2016-04-12 | Author : Audrey Johns | Publisher : HarperCollins

ISBN 10 : 9780062378705
ISBN 13 : 0062378708

Popular blogger Audrey Johns lost 150 pounds in 11 months by eating all the foods she loved. Now she shares her secrets to help you lose weight, too! At 275 pounds, Audrey Johns wa..

Flat Belly Diet

Pub Date : 2009-12-22 | Author : Liz Vaccariello | Publisher : Rodale Books

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Join the million-plus people who have found the answer to losing their belly fat while eating satisfying and delicious foods. With the Flat Belly Diet you can: Lose inches in just ..

The Swift Diet

Pub Date : 2015-08-11 | Author : Kathie Madonna Swift | Publisher : Penguin

ISBN 10 : 9780147516411
ISBN 13 : 0147516412

The health world is abuzz with the very latest research into the role your gut plays in overall health. In this book, the first of its kind, you'll discover how to easily adapt you..

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